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JHW CONTECH and affiliate companies have over 30 years of qualified experience serving clients in Missouri and Kansas across a wide range of industries including new construction and renovations, public works, healthcare, education, sports and entertainment, and residential and commercial real estate development.

The JHW CONTECH mission statement is…”complete each tasks in safe, reliable, respectfully, an accountable manner”.

JHW CONTECH and affiliates have completed work for major Utility Companies, all government municipalities within 200 miles of Kansas City, as well as long list of Companies throughout the area.

JHW CONTECH strives every day to become a more efficient company with continued growth in the classroom by obtaining National Industry Qualifications and Certifications… and appling this knowledge in the field.

JHW CONTECH believes with years of industry experience combined with new industry technologies…this insures the project at hand is completed in a safer environment and more efficient manner.